Business Overview

An independent trading firm specializing in electronics, pushing forward with a globalstrategy and cooperative creativity empowered by expert manufacturing capabilities.

Creating new value from technology and information
Kuroda Electric - redefining trading firm performance

What Kuroda Electric delivers goes beyond just materials and parts - we convey value itself. We provide functional and ecological products with outstanding cost-performance on a stable and effective basis, whether they are small-lot productions, system products, or single orders. If you're acting on news of the latest advanced technology but haven't expressed your needs concretely,
we'll leverage our global network, enlist our exceptional partners, and apply the manufacturing power of our overseas bases, plants, and domestic group to give shape to your vision. In short, we create new value by forging the perfect bond between users and manufacturers. This is the value that Kuroda Electric provides.

Your trusted technical advisor
Providing effective solutions for changing customer needs

Kuroda Electric takes advantage of expertise gained from many years of product experience as well as the most recent technology information to offer technical proposals meeting a variety of customer needs. We're also promoting independent and advanced R&D to enable us to satisfy future customer needs while simultaneously tackling development in new fields.

As your partner, winning games, enhancing cost-performance
for product competitiveness.

As a unique firm with the determination to prevail in competitive global markets, and with our group of expert partners, Kuroda Electric is the first to offer the originality, independence, speed, cost-competitiveness, and quality critical for longterm growth.